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French English Translator

CURRICULUM VITAE PERSONAL DETAILS: Name: Dr. Address : Bonn - Germany Date of Birth: December 1st 1967 in Paris, France Sexe: Female Marital Status: Partner Email: PROFESSIONNAL EXPERIENCE : 2010-2011: Translation work as a freelancer, for European and South African companies 2009: I returned in Europe in June 2008. From October 2008 to May 2009 I worked at GBG Europe, in Amsterdam, as a conference producer. 2008 : Freelance contracting based position in the following field. Data collection for a signage company in Cape Town, South Africa:  Research on the different advertisement’s poles, in airports or public transports.  Gathering information on the web  Organizing the information French courses E-tv staff in Cape Town, South Africa Freelance translations (English-French)  Technical field (IT)  Political sciences  Law field  Commercial field  Medical field 2007 : Freelance contracts in the following fields (with exception for the translation mission in Lesotho) Feasibility and markets studies in the financial field for a South African company  Financial researches and perspectives about the silica markets in SA and electronic cables.  Data collection  Statistical analyses of the data  Perspectives of potential implementation of these markets in SA  Report to the client Translation contract for the World Bank in Lesotho.2006: 10 months contract. Training in Monitoring and Evaluation in Brussels, Belgium. Prospective and analytical evaluations for the Government of Wallonie (local governance) and for European pilots projects. Evaluation of the “Clinical Research” cluster, in Wallonia, Belgium.  Conducting interviews with the representatives of various pharmaceutical companies based in Belgium  Assessments of the financial expenses  Report and recommendations to the client (Government of Wallonia)  Follow up with the client,  Preparing meetings,  Taking minutes of the meetings  reporting to the Director 2004-05: Freelance translations and event organizer  Welcoming the guests  Insuring that they had the conference package  Orientation of the guests at the venues  Organizing local touristic trips for the guests 2004 Teaching position at the French School, Cape Town, South Africa  Subjects: History and Philosophy 2003 Consultancies in South Africa  Approach of the various Institution’s representatives  Conduct interviews  Report to the client 2002-1999 Evaluation of scientific programs and lecturing  Evaluation of ERASMUS program in Austrian laboratories (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs)  Lecturing about Human Origins for the Alliance Française in India, South Africa, and Austria. 2001 – 1999 Secretary’s positions in Attorneys’ offices and in the Medical field, Paris, France Interim Agency: Medical interim services.  Responding to incoming phone calls  Managing client’s appointments  Filling  Typing reports  Preparing meeting  Taking minutesPPRROOFFEESSSSI IIOONNNNAALLEEDDUUCCAATTI IIOONN: :: 2006: February, Lille, France, Seminar in Monitoring and Evaluation. J-L Dethier. 2006: March 2006, Namur Belgium, Seminar J-L Dethier. 2006: Seminar in Monitoring and Evaluation, (balance core card) Brussels, Belgium 2004: Seminar in Monitoring and Evaluation, Dr Patricia Rogers (Melbourne, Australia), Pretoria, South Africa 1996-98: LLecturing at the Medical School, Lyon, France 1994: European Certificate in Archaeology, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Bruxelles, Belgium 1995: :: Certificate in Biomechanics, Faculté de Médecines des Saint-Pères, Paris, France. 1997: Seminar at the Collège de France, Paris, France 1995-96: :: Lecturing in the field of Human Origins, cultural center, Paris, France 1995: Seminar at the Institute of Human Origins, Berkeley, USA HIGHER EDUCATION 2002-2003: Post-doctoral Studies, University of Cape Town, NRF Grant. 1992-1997: Ph.D in Palaeoanthroplogy , Collège de France and Museum of Natural History, Paris, France. 1991-1992: D.E.A in Palaeoanthropology (Postgraduate), University of Bordeaux I Sciences 1989-1990: :: Maîtrise (Graduation) History, University of Paris VII, Jussieu, Paris, France 1988-1989: Licence (Honours), History, University of Paris VII, Jussieu, Paris, France. 1986-1988: :: D.E.U.G History, University of Paris VII Jussieu, Paris, France 1986: Baccalauréat (Bachelor), College Janson de Sailly, 75016 Paris, France Publications V. DELMAS, V. GALICHON Croissance du squelette des membres, Journées scientifiques des Saints-Pères, Paris, 1994. V. DELMAS, V. GALICHON Croissance du squelette des membres- La collection SAPPEY du Musée ORFILA. Résumés, G.A.L.F, Meeting, Bruxelles, U.L.B., 1995. MACCHIARELLI R. , GALICHON V., BONDIOLI L., and TOBIAS PVT Hipebone trabecular architecture and locomotor behavior in South African Australopithecines. Proceeding of the International Congress of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences, Forli – Italy, 1996. GALICHON V., BONDIOLI L., MACCHIARELLI R. Trabecular architecture of the hominid pelvis and locomotor behavior, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Supplement, 22: 108-109, 1996. GALICHON V and THACKERAY J.F. Trabecular bone structures in the ilia of STS 14 (Australopithecus africanus), Homo sapiens and Pan paniscus. South African Journal of Science 93: 179-180. J. DARGAUD, V. GALICHON Trabecular architecture of hominid pelvis and locomotor behavior. Biom. Hum. Et Anthropol. 15, 3-4, 185-190, 1997. MACCHIARELLI R., GALICHON V., BONDIOLI L., TOBIAS PVT. Hipbone trabecular architecture and locomotor behavior in South African Australopithecines. Journal of Human Evolution 36:211-232, 1999. GALICHON V., THACKERAY J.F., GROTEPASS W.Trabcular angles in the region of the trabecular chiasma in the pelvis of Plio-Pleistocene specimens of Australopithecus from South Africa. Annals of the Transvaal Museum 39, 68-69, 2002. • external review of IUCN commissions. Final report. 2004: Dr Zenda Ofir and Anne Whyte COMPUTER SKILLS: Internet Outlook Excel Word PowerPoint LANGUAGES: French: native English: fluent German: excellent Italian: excellent

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